The First Vet Visit

You will want to take your puppy to the vet as soon as possible – both for the necessary vaccinations as well as to make sure your puppy is in overall good health. Many owners make the mistake of only taking their puppies to the vet for those early vaccinations. When this happens, puppies soon learn that the vet = getting a shot. Not the most fun place to visit, right? You should absolutely stop by the vet regularly, when you don’t have appointments to create a positive association. Have the receptionist and vet techs (and the vet if they have a free second) give the puppy a treat. You can also take this opportunity to weigh them and monitor their growth progress. Trust me – it will be so worth it in the long run to invest the time now in these frequent stop-in visits.

We took Bane to the vet the day after I brought him home. I took a treat bag filled with goodies like meatballs and started feeding them to him the second we walked in the door. As the vet examined him, the vet tech continued feeding him wonderful treats. He seemed pretty comfortable overall, and he didn’t even notice his shot because he was being so loved on by the staff. This is the kind of first visit every new dog owner should strive for.

On another note, if you have to wait in the waiting room, make sure and keep your distance from the other animals. You never know what sort of illness they may have or if they have a sketchy disposition. The other dog owners may want to bring their dogs over, but you have to be your puppy’s advocate. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying, “I’m sorry, but today’s not the best day for our dogs to greet. Maybe next time.”

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