Potty training! Oi, vey!

This one has been a tremendous challenge for me. I know exactly how to house train a puppy (I even have a chart to track eliminations and puppy events), but we are not making the fastest progress. Let me first say that a puppy can hold its bladder his number of months in age plus one; meaning a 2 month old puppy can hold his bladder a maximum of 3 hours. Let me reiterate that this is a MAXIMUM. Bane goes much more often than that in part due to puppy events.

What are puppy events? Puppy events include feeding, drinking water, playing, and waking up from sleep. Unless your puppy is sleeping 3 hours at a stretch – there is no way you can actually go 3 hours in between eliminations. It’s best if you can get them out within 20 minutes of a puppy event (except waking up from an extended nap, then you need to get him outside immediately).

As I mentioned, the first couple of days were pretty rough when it came to accidents inside the house. I’m anthropomorphizing a bit, but I was getting the distinct impression that if Bane had thumbs, he would have been thumbing his nose at me while he was peeing on my floor. Of course, that may have just been the hallucinations caused by sleep deprivation. At one point I was actually typing a blog entry and saw he was waking up. I thought to myself – just finish typing the next sentence and then take him out. Yep, he completely eliminated his bladder in the course of typing a sentence. That was my bad. Getting them outside sooner rather than later will save you some clean up!

I consider a puppy pretty much house trained if they can go 14 days without an accident inside. Caveat – say your puppy has gone 11 days without an accident, but then has one, you subtract 3 days. So instead of being on Day 11, you are back on Day 8. Well, almost a week into this escapade, and we are still on Day 1. It didn’t help that he had a touch of diarrhea today.

As a side note, if there is an accident in the house be sure to clean it up with an enzymatic cleaner. This is an absolute must. A dog’s sense of smell is leaps and bounds beyond anything we humans could even contemplate detecting. And dogs like to revisit places that they’ve eliminated before, so it is worth investing in a few bottles of Nature’s Miracle or any other enzymatic cleaner.

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