Management is your best friend

We dog trainers like to say that behavior modification is always a combination of training and management. This rings especially true when training a puppy. It’s simply not realistic to be in training mode all the time. Right now our daily training includes: crate training, being calm in the ex-pen, name game, sit, touch, and leave it. We break our training sessions into 3-5 minute mini-sessions.

So what do we do when we aren’t training? He is still in the early stages of learning all the appropriate behaviors to be a well-rounded puppy. This is where management comes in. You need to have your eye on the puppy at all times, or he needs to be confined. The only way to realistically keep your eye on them is to have them attached to you. I mean literally attached to you by a leash. It takes about 2 seconds for them to scamper off and eat something they aren’t supposed to or eliminate on the floor. Case in point, I let Bane out of his ex-pen to run around the kitchen while I ran to the bathroom, and of course he took that opportunity to also go to the bathroom inside.

The moral of this story is management works, but only if you actually use it 100% of the time. Any less, and you will have some hiccups.

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