What are your hours of operation?

Sessions are scheduled at times and locations that work best for the client and the trainer. Locations include your home, office, local shopping center or areas where you are interested in improving behavior.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: The owner of the dog(s) may postpone any of the lessons provided twenty-four hours notice is given. The owner understands and agrees that failure to give the company twenty-four hours notice of a lesson cancellation by phone or email will result in Lewis and Clark Canine Coaching counting the lesson as a completed lesson with session price owed by the owner for this missed lesson.



What is positive training?

Positive training techniques mean that we are teaching the dog new behaviors by giving them a positive outcome when the behavior (i.e. ‘sit’) is given. A positive outcome is different for every dog. Dogs typically find a food reward to be highly reinforcing, but some dogs prefer praise or play with a favorite toy.



When should I start training my puppy?

Training can start today! With any good training program, the first step is building a good relationship. This starts the instant you bring your new dog home. There are numerous games and exercises to begin using that will give your dog a head start to a great partnership with you and your family. In-home sessions are an excellent place to start. This aids you in establishing the best house rules and home environment. It’s never too early to get the best out of your puppy.