I attended three seminars with Jamie Eaton, she is extremely knowledgeable on canine behavior and positive training techniques. I have a 3 year old bloodhound recently adopted from the shelter, named Lady. She did not know how to do much of anything. Getting her to focus on me was a huge challenge. Jamie was very patient with both of us and offered excellent information and demonstrations on getting her attention. She now walks on a loose leash, has excellent focus on me and has impressed many friends and family with how well she listens. Jamie thinks outside the box when it comes to training and offers a variety of ways to work with your dog to improve your relationship. Thank you Jamie for your help with Lady and my other furry four legged friends. - Amy Ogleby , Director of Behavior and Training Helping Hands Humane Society
For the last 4 months, we have had Jamie come to our home and train us on how to be good dog owners. In late October, we became proud owners of an adorable, fun, smart, though quite sensitive Havanese puppy. With two children very interested in "training" the dog, Jamie's job has not been as easy as it could be. We're fortunate to have a dog that is relatively easy to train (she loves food). It's the rest of us that sometimes struggle. We have learned so much from not only our training time with Jamie, but also from the very helpful, concrete guidance she provides a day or two after the training. We go back to her written instructions all the time and it helps keep us on track. Jamie is incredibly responsive to our requests for repetition when we are having difficulty implementing a training technique. Without fail, she is able to break the technique down into manageable steps that make sense to us. This has been the key to our success. Just as important, our family does not feel judged when we face challenges. This really makes the process empowering. If we could, we would have Jamie move in with us! - Shannan H.
I registered for several classes with Jamie Eaton as I was impressed with her training and background and I was looking for a positive trainer. Jerking and punishing were not on my agenda. I was not disappointed. Jamie is calm and respectful and gentle with both the canine and the handler. My clownish dog enjoyed both classes and learned. The classes were fun and educational and I hope to learn more from Jamie in future classes. I highly recommend her. - Sharon F.