Socialize your puppy! It could save their life…

The title of this post is not an exaggeration. The vast majority of dogs that end up in shelters are adolescent dogs, whose behaviors were manageable as a puppy, but became major issues as the dog got bigger and harder to handle. Many fearful or nervous dogs were likely not properly socialized as young puppies.

Management is your best friend

We dog trainers like to say that behavior modification is always a combination of training and management. This rings especially true when training a puppy. It’s simply not realistic to be in training mode all the time. Right now our daily training includes: crate training, being calm in the ex-pen, name game, sit, touch, and

Potty training! Oi, vey!

This one has been a tremendous challenge for me. I know exactly how to house train a puppy (I even have a chart to track eliminations and puppy events), but we are not making the fastest progress. Let me first say that a puppy can hold its bladder his number of months in age plus

The First Vet Visit

You will want to take your puppy to the vet as soon as possible – both for the necessary vaccinations as well as to make sure your puppy is in overall good health. Many owners make the mistake of only taking their puppies to the vet for those early vaccinations. When this happens, puppies soon

The First Night

I had two options for Bane the first night. The first being a kennel in my room and the second being his ex-pen. I thought I would play it by ear to see which he was more comfortable in. We started off in the kennel, which I placed on my bed. He cried for a

Bringing Home Puppy

Are you thinking about bringing home a puppy or rescue dog? There are many things you need to consider in selecting a new pet for your home, and I plan to write more on that later. This post will focus more on what you need to have the day you pick up your dog. Take

Welcome to my blog!

Hello, Thank you for stopping by to read this blog. I am a positive reinforcement dog trainer, and much of my life revolves around dogs. I plan to share with you the ups and downs of raising my own puppy. In the 3 days since I brought home my newfie puppy Bane, I have done