Behavior consultations differ from basic training in that training focuses on skills acquisition (eg, sit, down, stay), while behavior modification protocols focus on changing an animal’s emotional and behavioral reaction to particular triggers. These issues require additional expertise on the part of the trainer, and should your dog have a significant behavioral issue, weigh heavily on your choice of trainer.

Some common behavior problems that require a behavior consultation include:

⦁ reactivity to other dogs, people, or noises
⦁ fearfulness or extreme shyness
⦁ resource guarding

Prior to your behavior consultation, you will fill out a detailed behavior history to help prepare the trainer for their session. During the session, the trainer will observe your dog’s behavior, evaluate the dog’s behavior through a series of tests, and discuss a management plan that will be instituted while a behavior modification plan is developed. Following the session, a written behavior plan will be provided to the client as well as a recommendation for future sessions.

Please note that there are no quick fixes when it comes to behavior modification! Success cannot occur without the hard work and dedication of the owner. Cost of the Behavior Consultation is $150.

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