We offer a variety of classes including puppy manners, basic manners for older dogs, and specialty classes such as tricks. In order to provide specialized attention, we keep our classes small. Please note, if you have a dog that is human or dog reactive, please contact us for a behavior consult prior to class registration.

Puppy Manners - Raising Puppy Right
Starting at 8 weeks through 6 months, it’s never too early to start teaching puppy manners and to appropriately socialize your puppy. This is an open enrollment class, which allows you start training your puppy right away. The class includes an orientation and 6 consecutive weeks of classes. Orientation without your puppy is required prior to starting the class.

Basic Manners
Learn basic skills and habits to help your dog understand your household rules. Foundation behaviors: active and passive attention skills, sit, down, drop it, leave it, no jumping, stay, go to your place, loose-leash walking, and coming when called. Minimum age is 6-months. First class is an orientation without dogs.

Fun and Functional Tricks
Tricks are a great way to provide mental exercise for your dog and have fun at the same time. This 6-week class is an excellent overview learning simple tricks, and how to apply training principles to expand basic tricks into more complex ones. The class is taught by a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and students will have an opportunity to test for their Novice Tricks title during week 6 of class.

Stop Pulling! Leash Manners
In this 4-week class, we will focus exclusively on leash walking skills. Having a dog that pulls you down the street and lunges after everything that moves can be embarrassing, frustrating, and exhausting. Over time, owners start to dread taking their dog for a walk and consistent walks go out the window. We will focus on: walking

Canine Einstein
This 4-week class introduces advanced training methodologies such as Copy That. This new training method is based on dogs’ social cognitive skills, particularly on their ability to imitate. Dogs will also learn how to “read” and identify colors and shapes.

Cost of Group Classes
6 week course of classes - $160
4 week course of classes - $105

Group Class Registration

Reactive Dog I
For dogs that lunge, growl, and bark at other dogs while on leash. The goal of this 6-week class is to have a dog that looks to you for guidance rather than taking the situation into his own paws. The first week is an orientation without dogs
Note: this class is held at The Dogs’ Spot. Please see their website for cost and registration details.

Reactive Dog II
Reactive Dog II is a continuation of Reactive Dog I. Because of this, no orientation is required so all classes are with dogs. In this 6-week class, we will continue to work on behavior modification exercises. The goal by the end of 6 weeks will be to work without the barriers, but every dog and handler will work at their own pace.
Note: this class is held at The Dogs’ Spot. Please see their website for cost and registration details.

Reactive Dog III
Reactive III takes the tools learned in previous classes and applies them in the real world. We will meet at a local park and will encounter various distractions and triggers.
Note: this class is by invitation only and held at a local park.